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Moving Advice

The reason why a lot of people dread the moving experience is because they seemingly rush into the process.
Rather than organizing things prior to the move, they do it only a few days after the actual day, which sort of brings things to a chaos.

For a more organized move, here are a few things that you should keep in mind:

- It all starts with the packaging.  Check out our Packaging tips to ensure that you will do a good job out of organizing and packing your things.
- Make sure that you have an ample supply of the packing materials that you will need prior to the move.
- It always pays to have a few storage boxes handy, for anything else that may not fit the storage boxes that you have while packing.
- Clearly indicate on each individual box which part of the new house it should be placed, as well as a list of the items included.
- When packaging breakable items such as plates, stack them on the box on their ends – and there should be a layer of padding between each plate to avoid breakage.
- Use double layers of packing tape to secure the bottom of boxes, more if the items inside are heavy – to keep them from accidentally falling.
- A mixture of light and heavy items is ideal if you want to minimize movement, and risks of breakage, within a box.
- Make sure to give yourself time to clean the house after all of your possessions have been removed – or have somebody else do the cleaning for you.

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