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About Us


It is rare that you are able to find a company with international capabilities that is still true to the family run ideals that launched it. However, here at France Removals we are still proud to say that we are family run international business, something which is only really possible because in many ways, we have developed our company in reverse.


For most companies that start like we did 10 years ago you start local and develop into national and international markets. However, when we started out as a small London company we immediately made international projects our speciality. We spent the first 5 years of our operating life helping people to move overseas, specifically from London to France, where a number of local businesses and families were looking to start afresh in different lands. However, having perfected this art we were inundated with people looking for our unique levels of service to help them move a little closer to home, either around the UK or just across London. Because of this slightly backwards way of working, we never really got that big business mentality, and instead we have just kept the same simple plan working to help you enjoy a move that has none of the stressful hallmarks people come to expect.


The big moves that we were used to necessitated a simple but thorough approach. When you are operating on that scale you have to be prepared for the fact that everything is exacerbated and the stakes are higher. That is why we offer a completely free quote, which includes everything that you need in terms of manpower and vehicle usage. It’s one number, and it doesn’t change unless you decide to take advantage of some of our other services later in the day, although even those have fixed prices so that you know exactly what you are paying from the start. This security and transparency is something that was really appreciated by people undertaking such a huge financial and emotional investment, and it is something that we haven’t changed for our more local projects.


We also wanted to offer a number of additional services, so that once you had settled on our service you never needed to go anywhere else. Again, it is about simplicity and security, so that you know that you only have one, manageable sum to pay and one, experienced company to deal with. Our storage solutions were designed to help those moving long distances, but they are just as useful for people who are downsizing or are in a chain. Our packing services have also translated well, because everyone is short on time and our cleaning teams are useful whether you can’t do it yourself because you are in Paris, or just because you want to make sure everything is ready for your landlord to inspect so that you can get your full deposit back.


But it’s our service that really sets us apart. You won’t just value our modern, pristine and highly secured vehicles, you’ll also appreciate our staff. When you are used to handling such protracted projects, you don’t just get good at the mechanics of our job, you also learn well someone needs a joke and when someone needs their space. Our staff aren’t just quick and efficient, they are sensitive and respectful, and in many ways this is even more important.


So whatever it size of project you are after, whether it is one of our signature moves to France or something a little closer to home, you know that we have got the experience, the staff and ultimately, that personal touch that you only get from a family run company.