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Moving Products - For Safety and Protection

If you are preparing for a move, you may already have the necessary packing materials used to protect items such as bubble wrap and moving blankets. But, how about your walls, doors and flooring? Fortunately, there are a number of products available to help prevent damages when moving.
Carpet Film
Carpet film is a clear adhesive film that you can use to protect your carpets during a move. It prevents stains and dirt from penetrating deep in the carpet due to walking along the same path all day. It scores over typical blankets because it does not fold, reducing the possibilities of tripping. This product is especially important if you are moving on a rainy day.
Door Jam
Door jams keep your doors in an open state, making it convenient for you to go in and out of the doorway.  If it is windy in your area, these small gadgets will surely make your move a lot faster and smoother.
Furniture Slides
Furniture slides are no stranger to most of us. These products are mainly used to ease moving of furniture, at the same time offer protection to the flooring. It is also convenient to have furniture slides when you have several large furniture pieces to move. The slides may be used to any type flooring, be it wood, tile or concrete.
Door Jam Protector Pad
When moving furniture and boxes in and out, sometimes it is inevitable to bump into the door. Door jam pads protect doors while in their open state. They are usually available packs but you can choose to buy them separately.