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What is a real moving box

A moving box is more than just a box, when it holds your precious possessions. Even though the term "moving box" has become totally over-used, some consumers have a somewhat clear idea what it actually means. Most people, though, associate a moving box with any kind of old box they have in their houses or that is sold in stores. If it's called a box then for them it is any box. Well this is a totally wrong concept of what a moving box is, even though it is logical. A moving box is actually a manufactured box, made specifically for removal and storage of objects. Moving boxes have certain standards about size and capacity and you can buy them online from professional removal company or in retail stores. Purchasing a moving box, you receive it with a stamp which certifies its quality and guarantees utmost protection for your belongings. Buying certified moving boxes is the only insurance for your belongings and you don't need to purchase insurance from third parties. Moving damages happen often but mostly when you pack and unpack carelessly, not because of the certified boxes - they offer enough stability. You might think what the actual difference is between a certified moving box and a regular one. Well, professionally designed boxes for moving do not compress when you put them one over another in a van or dolly. These boxes withstand pressure while being transported. There is little risk for your valuables to be crushed. Stacking the boxes happens throughout your entire moving - first they are stacked in the van or on the dolly, afterwards they are stacked in your new place or in a garage or storage place. With all that moving around you need the best moving boxes to preserve everything inside intact. Another standard these boxes have is their sizing - this also differentiates them from regular boxes. Using industry standardized boxes makes it much easier to load your truck and have as few moving trips as possible. A moving van needs to be stacked up to the roof which means putting a few boxes on top of each other without crashing everything inside. The trick is to pack them to the top flip and load your truck as much as possible, without leaving any space between boxes. There are several types of certified removal boxes and those are: 1.5 cubic for an all-purpose moving box, 3.0 cubic for a kitchen moving box, 4.5 cubic for a pillow moving box and a special wardrobe box which has a bar inside for hanging your clothes. The standard removal box is the most significant box in the moving process, because most of your house stuff should be packed in such. It is big enough for a lot of your things, but not big enough to be stacked too heavy to carry afterwards. The kitchen moving box is the one for all your pans, pots and small appliances. The moving box for pillows can be used for big lightweight objects. Another thing, which proves the certification of a moving box, is the labeling system. These boxes have labels where you indicate what is inside and in which room they go in. Some boxes are sold with labels on top but are not certified. If you don't label the boxes and you are using a moving company, they will put all the boxes in your main room for you to move around and unpack. This will only waste your time moving around everything and arranging and usually takes about 50 % more time for unpacking. These are the main essentials about moving boxes you need to consider before renting or buying.