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Tips to Blissful Apartment Living - Where the to Find the Perfect Apartment

How does one find the right apartment to rent? What makes an ideal apartment? While there is no such thing as a perfect apartment, I believe that it is possible to find a place that can truly make you feel comfortable and satisfied.
To start off, ask yourself this question:  Where do you want to live? -- Do you want to be close to your office? Are you looking for a location that has a park with a running trail? Determine what your specific requirements are. If you are having troubles deciding, ask an officemate or a friend for recommendations. Similar people often have similar tastes even in home location. If you despise long commutes, then locate apartments in locations that allow easy access to your office and favorite hangouts.
Having an apartment that has all sorts of amenities is great. But even a first rate apartment is no use if you are struggling to pay your monthly rent. You sure want an apartment that is not only accessible to the places you often go to, but one that is affordable. Make some comparison shopping and find apartment complexes that will satisfy both your needs and wants. Living in an apartment that does not have a garage might not be so bad at all if you can save hundreds of dollars every month.