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Tips On How To Move Your Plants

The overall safety and security of all your plants must be one of your top priorities when you will be moving to a new home. Though there can be always an option to leave them behind, it will always give you peace of mind if you see them each day in your new place. So, what you need to do is be on-the-know of how to deal with transporting them to your new home.
As a preparation, it is important that you trim your plants a couple of weeks before the moving date. Then, when you are one week closer to the move, place the plants in a black plastic bag with pest strip and bug powder. Let the plants breathe there overnight to kill any pest.
Now, one day before the moving date, you can place all the plants in cardboard boxes. You can keep them in place with dampened newspapers and support their leaves with wet paper towels. Then, on the moving date, close the boxes and punch air holes on top. Do not load them in the moving truck. Rather, keep them safely in your car.
As soon as you arrive in your new home, they must be unpacked right away. However, keep in mind not to expose them right away to too much sunlight.