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Tips on How to Carefully Pack Wine and Liquor

Wine, liquor and other beverages in a bottle are fragile items that need to be given extra care when moving from the old house to the new home. You must do that right at the beginning when you pack them into boxes. Here are reminders on what you must exactly do regarding the packing of wine and liquor.
1. Choosing the right packing materials.
Wine and liquor have specific containers used for transportation. These containers are usually called as cell boxes you can buy from any liquor store. Bubble wraps are a great choice also to further protect bottles. If you are on a tight budget, you can use old newspapers which you will roll onto each bottle before you put them into boxes. The main purpose of packing materials is to protect the bottles from breaking and cracking when transporting them.
2. Finding the best temperature for storing.
There is average temperature for storing wine and liquor which is 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, you need to know if the moving van or truck has this particular climate control in their storage area. If you're moving wine and liquor on your own, you place them in a cooler box with dry ice.
3. Packing and sealing bottles with proper care.
Before you move them into a new place, make sure each bottle is sealed and packed properly. You need to insert extra layers of cardboard inside and at the bottom of the box. Each bottle must be wrapped with bubble wrap or newsprint. Also, you have to use packing tape to seal boxes.
Taking proper and extra care of wine and liquor maybe a tedious task for a few hours but the effort made upon packing each bottle will protect them against breaking and save you money during transportation. Keep the provided tips above to be able to protect your favorite and expensive alcoholic beverages from any accident.