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The Cleaning Process when Moving

Moving into a new house does not mean you just have to leave the old house like that. There is also importance of making the house clean and beautiful before you leave it. Whether you rent or sell the old home, you must still consider cleaning it once you pack everything you need to pack.
A day or two before you finally move out, you ensure that the entire area of the house is cleaned. From inside to out, the old place must be de-cluttered, repainted and repaired.
Start cleaning the floors, ceilings, windows and other areas that you can easily manage working on. You remove all dust, dirt and debris you can find.  The next movers should have an easier way of moving in so they can say you, as the former owners or renters, had a good way of treating the house well.
Do not forget to fix and clean the outside areas too like the patio and backyard. There should be no leaves and other debris on the ground.
If there is a need to replace, repaint or repair, then do so. As long as it does not cost you a lot of money, do not hesitate to fix things that must be settled.