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Taking Care of Your Fragile Items when Moving

You wouldn't want your precious antiques or paintings to get damaged while moving, would you?  Taking care of these delicate items is a must whenever you are set to move. To help you out in making sure that your fragile items are well taken cared of during the move, here are a few tips that you can use: 1.
  Paintings and large framed items can be packed using bubble wrap since they will not fit in a box.  They should be watched over while moving and must be handled carefully. These valuables should also be kept separated from other packed items because if anything falls on the surface, they can be damaged 2.
  TV and computer monitors are difficult to pack unless you still have the original packing. What you can do is to wrap them in sheets or dust covers with some padding around and have one of the movers keep an eye on them at all times. 3.
  Ornaments and dishes can be packed using polystyrene bead lined boxes. You can use extra bubble wraps for their safety. Newspapers are useful as buffers for packing but they might leave marks on the items, which is why moving companies often offer white newsprint paper as substitute. All in all, taking extra care while packing can help reduce the risk of breaking your valuables but it will still be best to carry them with you when moving to ensure their safety.