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Some Basics for a More Efficient Move

Moving is really a very stressful and difficult task to accomplish - as many people who have moved will tell you. But there are indeed ways to make your move efficient, which can save time, effort, and money on your part.
Pay attention to how you pack.
Packing is one of the most essential tasks when it comes to moving. Why? Simple because the whole point of the move is to transfer your things from your old place to your new one, and improper packing simply defeats that whole purpose. Some tips when packing is to always label your packages accordingly, especially if they have fragile items inside. Speaking of fragile, make sure that these items are protected with padding and shock absorbing materials such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and so on.
Pack based on the rooms your things are in.
When packing, don't mix things up from different rooms. This will enable you to unpack much more efficiently when you get to your new place. You won't need to shuffle from package to package to put things in a single room.
Make an inventory.
Making an inventory will help you keep track of things better, and also to manage which of your belongings you will bring with you and which ones you will leave behind.