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Self-Storage: What To Do?

The use of self-storage space has proven to be of significant help in a number of occasions. People often seek a place to store their furniture while renovating. This is when self-storage comes to be the easiest option. Storing items in a self-storage unit was initially only for short-term storage. However, more and more people renew their contract every other month. Having that extra space is quite handy and people quickly see the benefits of it. Before you jump into the world of self-storage, though, it's better to have a look at a few basics and tips:

•    Make Lists of Your Inventory: Before you choose a self-storage company, make lists of the items that you need to store: it's best to categorize them, so you always know where each item is. After that make a list of the materials you need for packing: boxes, moving blankets, tape, bubble wrap, paper, etc. If you don't know much about packing you can hire a professional to help you out. Not many self-storage companies offer packing services, but some do, so you might want to look for one of those companies.

•    A Thorough Search is A Must: Don't choose the first storage company that you find on the Internet. It's better to shop around and find the one that offers everything you consider important. A good self-storage company will have quality security and a number of additional services. It's good to get used to the idea that the storage will most probably be outside of town, but it's better to travel a bit than to choose the wrong facility.

•    Read the Contract Carefully: Before you sign the contract, read it in detail and pay attention to all the clauses and your rights. If you have never rented a storage unit before, it's easy to misunderstand certain parts of the contract, so make sure you discuss it thoroughly with the manager.

•    Transportation: Transporting your items safely to the self-storage facility is not an easy task, especially if it's not a short ride. If you are willing to pay, ask the storage company if they offer moving services. Many companies nowadays do that for free, while others charge a small fee.

Organizing The Storage Unit

Once you're done with the above-mentioned steps and your items have been safely transported to the unit, it's time to sort them out within the provided space. You should know that proper organizing and arrangement are key factors. If you want an easy access and items which will stay in good condition, there are tips you have to follow. Make sure you utilize the space to the maximum, so you don't end up paying for a unit which you only half use. Place the larger boxes on the bottom with the lighter ones on them and position your most needed items at the front. Having shelves in the unit also comes in very handy, so inquire about these, if they are not already available. While you are arranging the unit, ask for advice. Carrying and organizing heavy boxes is a physical labour, so you might need to ask for help. Following the tips for arranging the space will allow you to accommodate more items than you think. Before you lock the unit, make sure your items are properly packed and protected. Mirrors and china need to be wrapped in few layers of bubble wrap, boxes should be full of cushioning so you avoid damage. These basic tips on what to do will help you manage and enjoy your self-storage experience.