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Removals to Germany from UK

So you are from the UK and you want to move to Germany? Here are some things you might want to bring with you from your old country to your new country. These things will make the transition period and the acclimatisation to your new home country gradual instead of an immediate shock.   First of all, you need to bring with you a 4-way UK power socket, where a Euro-style plug can be placed on the end. This will save you from buying several plugs for your appliances.   Second, you ought to bring bacon, brown sauce, curry sauces and spices, salad cream and dressing, and even Cadbury's Chocolate. Well, you cannot purchase British-style bacon in Germany. With brown sauce, it is difficult to find this condiment in Germany. Although there are generic curry sauces and spices for sale in Germany, their taste may not be as good as to what you are used to in the UK.   It is the same thing with salad cream and dressing. More often than not, the German salad cream and dressing is too sour for the tastes of the Brits. And of course Cadbury's Chocolate, this comfort food is expensive or hard to find in Germany. So for your taste buds to gradually adapt better bring these food and condiments with you from the UK.   Third, bring some carrier bags too. In Germany, you have to pay for these in the supermarket. So to save money and avoid future inconveniences, have a stock of carrier bags when you move from UK to Germany.   By bringing all these things during your move, adapting to Germany would not be that hard.