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Quick, Easy And Cheap Removals

Removals are a stressful time for everybody involved. With so much to do and such little time to do it in, you can often feel like your drowning in a sea of paperwork, tick lists and packing materials. But organise your move and take care of it efficiently in a step by step manner and you’ll enjoy a great deal of success which will make the overall process a lot easier to manage. Use these hints and tips of get you started.

1. Create a moving checklist.
When moving house there’re a lot of things that you need to take care of. Whether it be notifying various establishments of your change of address, cleaning up your house, buying materials for the move or just generally dealing with the stresses of moving day, you’re going to be inundated with things to do from the moment your make the decision to move. It’s therefore vitally important that you get things in order as soon as possible. Creating a checklist will help you structure and plan your move methodically, ensuring that you cover all of the most important tasks without leaving out any essentials parts of the process.

2. Decide what you actually plan on taking with you.
When you move, it’s unlikely that you’re going to be taking every little thing from your current house to your new place. You might be planning to replace and update furniture, declutter and use the move as an opportunity to get rid of junk, or you might be doing some decorating or DIY in at your new digs, in which case you may need to consider putting items into storage. The sooner you decide what you’re going to be taking and what you’re planning on replacing, you can begin making the necessary arrangements and buying the appropriate materials to begin preparing your items for the move.

3. Moving furniture.
If you’ve got large, expensive and antique items of furniture, don’t risk moving it yourself. If you know what you’re doing, then fine, get some help and go ahead. But if you’re not feeling too confident about it and want the help of a professional team of house movers, do your research because there are plenty of top rated companies that specialise in moving large, heavy items of furniture. They’ll have all the necessary materials, straps and cords to move your furniture and ensure your items are thoroughly secured whilst in transit. You may have to pay a little bit more for this specialist bespoke service but it’s well worth it if it means your important items of furniture will be joining you in your new house in one piece.

4. Plan for moving day.
It’s important that you make plans for the day of your move well in advance of your move. This means deciding how you’re going to move. Are you going to attempt to move and relocate yourself? Or will you need the help of a professional company to help get your move underway? These are all important aspects of your move that you need to carefully consider. Hiring the services from a professional company may cost you more but your move should go a lot smoother and it should reduce your stress levels. Alternatively, if you’re going to hire a van or move by yourself, consider the size of the van that you’ll need, the amount of help that you’ll require on moving day to load your possessions into the van and the price of hiring different vehicles. Leave yourself plenty of time to do your research so that you can shop around and get the best deals.