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Moving Your Pet Fish with Care

You might be too attached already with your pet fish that you cannot live it behind when you plan for a move. Though this can be a risky task for the fish, you must take note of a lot of things to ensure that it will reach your new home safely and happily.
First, since you have to transport the aquarium one week before you, you must care enough to take your fish to a friend's or a store's aquarium. You only need to place it in a moving container the day of your move itself. Therefore, while waiting for that, prepare all the things that you need such as polythene bags, cooler, and Styrofoam boxes.
On the day of the move, fill half of the container with tank water and place one fish in each container. Seal this with lids or bags and don't worry about feeding the fish. This is to ensure that the water in the container will remain as clean as possible. Take note that it is fine for the fish not to eat during the whole moving process. Then, place the container in a cooler to ensure that the temperature of the water is preserved.
With closely following all these, you will be assured that your pet fish will reach the destination safely. In that event, prepare the aquarium with the old tank water and observe the fish for about a week.