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Moving An Old Oak Wardrobe

When it comes to moving house, there will always be troublemakers. They don’t always come in the form of a naughty toddler who wants to get in the way of everything, or a sullen removals team member, but sometimes in the form of inanimate objects, who seemingly want to derail the whole operation! If you feel like you could do with a few hints and tips on how to move larger and heavier items through difficult spaces, then it may be of a certain amount of use to you to have a look over the following tips and tricks, to see what kind of things you may be missing out on. For an example, the heavy oak wardrobe will be used...For a start, you need to be prepared, both in your mental self, how you are equipped, and how you have prepared the wardrobe itself. In terms of mental preparation, you should have looked up and read over some basic safety instructions for the moving of larger or heavier pieces of furniture. Such instructions can be found online, and they are written up for a reason. Some of these safety guides are not that obvious, and go a fair bit further than ‘bend your knees, keep your back straight!’ So, having had a look over the safety guides, you should have a good idea as to how you are going to approach the object. If you are lifting the wardrobe with other people, then you need to discuss who will be taking what part of the item, and how the move is going to go ahead. In the event that you have to get the wardrobe through a tight gap, or down some stairs, you need to agree on the plan of movement before you go for it, as otherwise one false move, or dropped corner could result in serious injury and damage to the house and the wardrobe itself.  Having lifting gloves on your is a must, as the grippy surface will mean that you can comfortably hold the weight of the item for longer. The issue with lifting these sorts of things is rarely the actual weight of it, but more the pressure that it exerts on the skin it is in contact with. Your hands can get burnt, cut and splintered by various materials used in furniture making, so get some gloves to protect them, and to keep your grip! A sack barrow will also be incredibly useful when you are doing such things, as it will give you a great way to get the item across flat surfaces, with minimal effort on your part. The sack barrow may need a couple of people to guide it, but that is much more preferable than having to lift the hulking thing off of the floor and shuffle about with it!As far as preparing the item itself goes, it is imperative that you reduce the overall weight of the thing. A solid oak wardrobe is no flat pack job that you can dismantle fully, but it may well benefit from having the door, mirrors and drawers removed. This will reduce the weight considerably, but it will also mean that you don’t have to worry about things falling out whilst you are trying to get the item moved around the place. Nothing will make you drop a heavy item more quickly than having a door slam on your fingers, so it is well worth removing the likelihood of that possibility over all!