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Machinery Movers

Moving to a new factory or office may seem like an easy task, until you consider moving very large items such as machinery or immobile vehicles. These heavy loads are best transported by professional equipment movers; they have the specialist tools and resources to have your item moved efficiently and most of all safely. When considering using a company such as this, is it wise to do your homework. Spending a few hours on the internet or looking through a business directory can save you many hundreds of pounds and the hassle of dealing with broken goods. Below is a typical example of a machinery removal and installation company, along with many of their services.Merritts are a reputable and established plant and machinery logistics company working throughout Europe and also worldwide. They offer transportation of many different types of plant or machinery and even assist with the installation of the delivered goods. They have catered for companies installing such items as industrial hydraulic presses and highly technical CNC machinery and many more specialised jobs. Another service on offer by Merritts is contract delivery, meaning they will deliver for suppliers of machinery to their customers. Their Transport Department keep good communication with its customers. Service Package will include the following:- Machinery will be collected from the distributer’s depot.- Item will be stored in Merritts storage facility.- Transit to any specified site.- Positions of all machinery.- Machine securing and levelling.- Machine assembly assistance will be given alongside manufacturer’s engineers.- Transportation of machinery.Merritts are specialists in the following:- Specialist transportation, including oversized and heavy loads.- Removal and relocation of factory goods and machinery.- Different storage types for Industrial goods.- Specialised Projects- Training on Industrial health and safetyAs you can see from this one company, there are many differing services on offer to customers. This is why it is a good idea to do some research before deciding on which company to utilise, it can save you a lot of money in the long run. Always try to use a well-known, reputable company so you are less likely to pay over the odds or end up with potentially broken machinery. Most companies will give you quotations over the phone or online, it is difficult to set standard prices for such tasks as every job is slightly different and can require lots of detailed planning.If however you decide to invest in the right tools or vehicles to transport your machinery yourself, there are lots of great products available, providing you can a large bank balance. JCB – this company designs and builds outstanding hydraulic machines capable of lifting and moving incredible weights. For a brand new machine you will be paying many thousands of pounds so hiring is a good option if it is a short project.Heavy Goods Vehicles – these types of Lorries can be used to transport large and heavy goods over long distances, they do required a specific licence to be driven. Depending on the size and style you need you can pay anything from £10,000 - £150,000, it’s for this reason many companies choose to outsource these projects.Fork Lift Trucks – these are great products, available in all shaped and sizes, from a small hand-push machine to a full size ride-on vehicle. This gives you the chance to purchase the exact machine for your needs rather than something too big or small. Their prices can range from £500 - £20,000 as there are so many varieties.They are just a few of the products on offer to make moving machinery and equipment more manageable, as you can see you will require a large amount of money to purchase them so a machinery moving company may be a better option depending on your needs.