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Know the Area You Are Planning To Buy Or Rent In

For some reason, when we have found the perfect place checking out the neighborhood or area the place is in slips our minds maybe it is because finding the perfect home or apartment to rent or buy is such a good feeling, especially after a long search. Keep in mind that a great home or apartment in a bad neighborhood only makes it an okay place to live. Not all realtors and rental agencies will be honest with you about the place you will possibly be buying or renting through them. So it is best to do your own research about the area and neighborhood you will be living in.

Here are some sources to find more information on the area and neighborhood you are planning to move to:
1)    Internet search engines
In today's modern world almost anything you can want to know can be found on the internet including the crime reports for specific areas or neighborhoods. You may want to search the address itself and see if there have been any crimes that involved the inhabitants that had the home before you. You can also find public records on the government website for certain counties and this will he3lp to find out more about the area and the neighbors you will have living next door to you.

2)    Local police department
The traditional method of finding information about the area is through the police department in the area. They should be able to give you a good idea of what kinds of crimes are committed in the area if any and how often they occur. At the police station they should be able to give out any public records and information that you may find useful.

3)    Talk to the local business owners
Business owners in the area usually know a lot about the areas they have their businesses and they are a great source for information about local events and the community in general. Speaking to the business owners in the area will not only be a good way to learn more about the area but it is also a good way to get to know the places in the area you will most likely shop at.

4)    Do an old' fashion drive by of the area and through the neighborhood
Do an old' fashion drive by of the area and through the neighborhood at night and check to see if there are a lot of parties going on after hours or there are many people walking in the streets. This will usually tell you a lot about the area. Do this on different days of the week and at different times and you will get a clear pictures of the life in the area.

Renting a new home is a big decision and purchasing a home is even bigger, you want to make sure the area is just as good as the home itself. There is no need to sacrifice one for the other. Another thing you may want to find out is how much the average cost of utilities is in the area and this can be done at the local utilities provider.