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How to Pack Your Home Office

If you have a home office, it is essential that you pack it efficiently before a move. This will be beneficial for you once you unpack items that belong to that room upon arrival in your new home. Here are some tips to help with the packing of your home office.   1. First, you have to organise all your important documents. If you don't have any filing system, this is the time to start and use one to sort records and to organise your personal files.   2. Shred documents that you no longer need. These shredded documents can later be used as stuffing or padding for fragile items.   3. Sort and keep important documents that belong to that room. Make sure that your marriage certificates, birth records and mortgage papers are also filed and stored accordingly.   4. All files have to be filed in banker's boxes or special file boxes. These are available at any office supply store. Organise files by taping its lid. Seal it afterwards.   5. Recycle old newspapers and magazines. Keep only books that are useful or have a sentimental value. Donate those that you will no longer use. The books that you still need should be packed in boxes.   6. Proceed to sorting your office supplies. All dead pens, scratch paper and assorted paperclips have to be thrown. Everything else on your desk that you need should be packed whilst useless things can be donated.   7. Carry your desk with you only if it is worth it. Otherwise, it is better selling it and getting a new one at your new place.   Last but not the least, all electronic gadgets and computers should be carefully packed. Pack fragile items using additional padding.