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How to Move Your Kitchen Appliances Safely

Relocation of house appliances is one very important and responsible task to do. It includes so many things to be done and planned. And most of all everything has to be done very carefully, because the equipment is very vulnerable and easy gets broken.

  Some of the items are very heavy and large as well. So if you have in mind all these things, you will surely need some advices to make the moving better and safer for your belongings.

  Usually most of the appliances like refrigerator, oven and dishwasher are situated in the kitchen. So there you should start from with the packing of the appliances.

  The refrigerator is one of the biggest appliances, so it is good to prepare it first. It is important for it to be cleaned, before removed. That is why you should unplug it from the power supply prior to doing anything else. Allow some time for the ice to melt and drain the water. Take out all parts that can be removed, wash them with soap and let them dry. When they are ready start packing them one by one, as you use the proper packaging for them. Never return them inside, it is not good idea for the refrigerator to be transported with any part moving inside it. The compressor is the most important of all parts for the work of the fridge, so vacuum clean it very carefully. If you have a water dispenser, as part of your fridge, you should disconnect it from the water and empty it inside. When it is time to connect it again, you would better use the help of a professional.

  The washing machine is one very necessary appliance for every housewife. So it also has to be connected and prepared carefully for the removing. What is most important for it is to be disconnected from the water the right way. Usually the ends of the hoses are metal and they have to be wrapped with towel, then placed inside the washer. The tub has to be made save as the instructions of the manufacturer are followed. Like for the fridge, you better have a professional for the reinstallation of the machine in the new house.

  The dishwasher is the easiest to be disconnected. Left it opened till it gets completely dry and then put all the hoses inside, which are dried before that as well.

  The stoves or ovens are some of the hardest to manage with. They can be many different types and surely you have to follow different instructions for each of them. The gas ones are to be the most careful with. The best advice here is to use the help of a technician. He will secure the gas line the proper way. Follow the same rule as you connect it again in the new home when you arrive.

  The microwave oven has to be wrapped securely, or best of all put in its original box or packaging. In case you are not keeping it till the moment of the relocation, use another cardboard box. Make sure that you are using the proper material to make very secure cushion inside and do not save materials from it. If it is necessary ask the removing company to add special padding in the day of the moving. However a cardboard in the door opening is not a good idea, because it can spring the door during the transportation. When it comes time to install it again, be sure there is nothing to block the exhaust vent at its back.