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Handling Your Precious Possessions when going to the New Home in Marylebone

1. PROTECTING YOUR STUFF ON THE ROADBasically, all the important work in connection with the safety of your belongings throughout the journey from your old home to your new one needs to be done before the journey itself and if you know a thing or two about moving you must know that this specific important action is called packing. If you pack and load your things the right way, you should have no problem with their safety or condition during the journey except of course in the occasion of an unfortunate crash. This article will explain to you how to take the necessary precautions thanks to which your stuff-precious or not so precious will remain safe while you are travelling from your old home to your new one for example in Marylebone. 2. THE PRECAUTIONSDifferent items require different methods of protection. For instance, some of the most popular valuable items in possession of many moving families are paintings. In order to secure a painting you must first remove it from the frame. Remember that there is no point holding the entire painting, stretched from bottom to top, leaned against the side of your transportation vehicle. With the tiniest bump into it from another item which in all likelihood will be stronger and more resilient, that painting will get damaged or pierced. So what you need to do is to take the canvas out of the frame and roll it. Put the frame safely away and then place the painting itself into of those plastic cylinder containers. Then for even more protection you can store that cylinder in a separate box. This way there is virtually no possibility or chance for them to get wet, dirty or dusty in any way. Basically this is the best way to deal with paintings, the easiest and the pretty much the safest. If you don’t want to lose time with removing the painting from the frame and then separately inserting it into the cylinder and so on you could simply get your hands on a box which is spacious enough to gather all the necessary painting inside. If the walls of the box are strong enough and the paintings are packed strictly and symmetrically there should be no problem whatsoever for their safety. However, you need to be very careful in this case for their transportation and loading because carrying an entire box full of painting whatever the distance is from your home to the transportation vehicle is risky and difficult for your precious items. It is best if you don’t use normal boxes but more like wooden ones even if they are heavier they will do a better and more secure job for you and your precious art monuments. Usually this is the most preferred way of transporting and carrying boxes and above all else it is the cheapest way so if you have strong and efficient boxes around first and foremost use them and only if you don’t try to improvise and come up with other methods. Among the majority of advantages that boxes possess the greatest one in certainly the price and the easy manners in which boxes can be retrieved. Second, they are very easy to transport even if you buy lots and lots of them. Third, they are very easy to become protected and supported by certain types of materials and regardless of how thin or vulnerable the box is as long as it is still able to support the weight of the object inside of it, if properly surrounded by protective material, the item inside of it will remain safe.