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Estate Agent Defined

A real estate agent does more than selling a property.  One way of defining who he really is can be done by taking a look on the many roles he plays. Learn about tasks placed on his shoulders.   * They perform property valuation.  Be wary of some agents who place a very high value on your property so they can milk more money out of selling the property.  It will be better if you can talk with other agents regarding the property value.   * Agents look for potential buyers and set meetings with them.  They conduct onsite viewing with clients and discuss property details and terms of payment.   * When there are several offers for the property, they try to manage these and deal only with the good buyers.   * They give ancillary services like assisting sellers with mortgage and other related services.   * Agents also coordinate with other professionals who are concerned in the selling process. These professionals include those from the government who handle property transfers, insurance people, solicitors and some surveyors.   Knowing all these facts about real estate agents, you have already defined who he is. Make sure that you only opt for those who can perform his tasks very well. In addition, you must look at the agent's credentials to help you dispose of your transactions.