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Essential Packing Guidelines Ahead Of Your Move

Possibly the worst and most dreaded part about moving house is packing! Everyone usually agrees that a house relocation tops the list of major life stressors, but there are ways to lessen the hassle that comes along with packing up that crowded kitchen, and protecting your fragile and valuable glass wear from breaking during your move! Whether you’re relocating to just a few boroughs away, or all the way to France, the following packing tips will really save you time and money, while also making sure belongings are safely wrapped and protected during transport!So where do you begin? Decide what you’re taking with you and what you’re leaving behind. Consider whether or not you’re moving from this location permanently or not and whether or not you can place some items in storage. For this you’ll need to hire a removals and storage firm! Just be sure to tick everything off your moving checklist as you go!  You don’t want to arrive at your new home and find you’re missing a bunch of essential stuff!Once you have a rough idea of the amount of your belongings that you’ll be taking with you, you can then invest in your necessary packing supplies. You can purchase cardboard moving boxes from your removal service or you can gather your own, by collecting free giveaways from you local supermarket or any warehouse close by. If you are pushed for time and don’t mind spending the money on moving boxes then why not enquire with your moving company about moving or packing kits. Sometimes such kits are also available to purchase online! Research here is key to get the best deal!Remember that organisation in a vital ingredient to a successful and stress-free move! So as you pack your boxes, don’t forget to label them. One great way to do this, is to separate rooms by colour. For example use blue stickers on boxes containing kitchen items, yellow stickers on those with linen, red stickers for living room ornaments etc. You get the idea! The stickers can be purchased at any stationers shop. It’s also really important to label boxes containing breakable items with the word FRAGILE, in big, bold, black letters, so your movers are aware that the boxes must be handled with care. This brings us to the matter of packing fragile items. There really are no two ways about it. Wrapping and padding are essential if you want your fragile items to stay in once piece during your move. So here are some tips on how to pack your glass wear, plates, mugs and any other breakable items. Use bubble wrap or clothes, towels, blankets or linen to wrap your fragile items before packing. Also once in the box try stuffing more fabric into the box, between objects, to prevent them from knocking against each other and breaking. When unpacking boxes labelled as fragile, take particularly care when unwrapping that fleece blanket, otherwise your favourite crystal decanter could roll out onto the floor and smash into a million and one pieces! Not a good start to your relocation! While bubble wrap is costly, it really is worth investing in some, to keep those valuable and precious belongings undamaged. Remember you can always re-use bubble wrap so be sure not to tear it off items when unpacking. When you’re moving furniture, be sure to keep all parts taped together. If you’ve dismantled a bed, place the screws in a small bag and tape it to the furniture. That way you’ll know precisely what parts go with what piece of furniture.Hopefully these packing tips will really make the job a whole lot easier and help with facilitating a smooth, quick and effortless packing experience!