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Create A Plan Before Moving Your Furniture

Spend one full day only in doing so, at least! The right orientation and arrangement of the furniture in your new house will give you a better orientation of which exact furniture to move from the old house, as well as which ones to get rid of. Meanwhile, a sketch of each room helps the movers to locate the heavy boxes at their right spots or nearby and so you will have less work to do later. Imagine a gigantic shelve or a wardrobe, which is dismantled in dozen pieces to fit inside the box. Then, you will have to assemble all the parts after unloading and then to move that huge piece of mounted furniture to its exact place. Imagine if this place is located on the second floor of a big house and the access is only via long steep narrow stairs or maybe the door to the room is not that big, than the one in the old house. All this could be quite easier if the movers know exactly where to move the heavy furniture when it`s still dismantled and fitted in small moving boxes. Because of that, a simple floor plan or a sketch of each room is always a useful tool to have on hand. Take a look at a few examples and make your own arrangement of the big furniture items via the best and easiest way.Prepare the floor plan before the moving day and even before the making of the moving checklist! When moving house, the checklist or the inventory sheet is one of the most important items to have with yourself, while for the making of the perfect checklist you will definitely need to know which furniture to move where. When creating the floor plan, make all the measurements as properly as possible. According to the location of the door of each room and the windows, for example, choose which furniture is more appropriate to fit in which room. First, begin with the furniture that can`t be dismantled and you will have to move it in one huge heavy piece. These objects are usually big sofas and armchairs, and that`s why the most important measurement here is the width of the door. The furniture movers are especially trained for these quite complex situations and there is no need to struggle - by turning the furniture and passing through the door with the back forward and a few other tips, everything`s possible.When making a sketch of the rooms, another great idea is to place the furniture according to the lights and the windows, because the light is one of the most important things as well. For the perfect layout, you will need to know the exact sizes of the furniture objects themselves. Sketch the table with the chairs in the dining room, the beds and the wardrobes in the bedroom, the shelves and the sink in the kitchen, etc. When knowing the exact measurements of all these furniture items, you get a better orientation about the space and dimensions of the new house.A simple sketch or a floor plan will help the movers therefore to orientate easily with the space and dimensions of the house, as well as where exactly to put a specific box with furniture. In all cases, take your free time to consider all the options and arrangements, choose the right pieces of furniture to move to the new house and get rid of all the useless old objects, and make your moving day just a bit easier!