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5 Things to Make Sure You Take Care of Before You Move Before

Many Brits decide that enough is enough and move abroad. After waking up and drawing the curtains back to see that is raining for the two-hundredth day in a row, no one can really blame you for wanting to hightail it out of Blighty to someone a bit more pleasant, at least in terms of the weather. Over 1 million British ex-pats now reside in other EU countries, with many more spreading out to Australia, South-East Asia, and North America.  Wherever you’re planning on relocating to, you should be sure to sort a certain number of vital things about before you leave. Below are but a few of them: 1)    Tax codeIf you’re planning on moving to maximise your disposable income, then you should be sure to check the tax code of the country you are moving to. How much you are taxed will vary greatly between countries. The last thing you want to happen after settling into your new country is to find out your spending power is greatly diminished England because their tax code affects you more dearly than the tax code in England did. 2)    Property pricesBritain has some of the highest property prices in the world. House prices in London are particularly steep. So if you’re moving to improve the quality of your home with the budget you have, be sure to check out average property prices in different countries you can see yourself moving to. Most countries will have property available for cheaper than it is Britain, but not all of them. 3)    Local servicesIf you are planning on moving with little children in tow, you must consider their educational needs. If you you’re your heart set on a particular area of a country, do your research to find out what the educational attainment of the schools in that area is. You don’t want to sacrifice you’re children’s education because you fancy moving someone a bit sunnier. Good English speaking schools exist all over the globe, so no matter where you are moving to, the chances are is that there will be a good institution near you. But it is always better to be safe than sorry.If you have health conditions that require regular tending to, you should also, needless to say, be sure to check out the health services in the area. Other services, such as public transport, should also be closely looked at. 4)    TransportThis is, of course, vitally important. Unless you want to leave everything you own behind, you will need to make transport provisions. Many companies that deal with domestic relocations will also offer an international relocation service. Failing that, there are other companies out there that specialise in international relocations. It is probably best to go with one that specialises in international relocation as their expertise and advice can be invaluable. Moving across borders is a world apart from moving domestically – there are so many more things to consider. Do not leave booking an international removal service to the last minute. As soon as you find out when you want to go, that is when you should be booking a moving service. Leaving it to the last minute will only cause you more stress. 5)    PetsNo one wants to abandon their pets because they are moving abroad. In fact, there isn’t another thought that could provoke so much heart break. Pets are being increasingly allowed to travel internationally, but your pets will now need a pet passport. Such a document can take months if not years to come, so be sure to get on it straight away.